image of the bucanon panel and direct link to BucanonAppletOnline.html

bucanon - a universal software tool for propositional logic


The bucanon software is available as a Java applet, it doesn't need an installation and can be used right away by going to the BucanonAppletOnline.html. There the bucanon panel, which looks like the image on top of this page, should appear inside your browser.


  1. BucanonScreenshots.html for a quick impression on typical sessions.
  2. BucanonSyntax (pdf, ps, dvi) 1 page Overview of the syntax of all well-formed input formulas. It is recommended to print out this page.
  3. BucanonIntro (pdf, ps, dvi) 4 pages Brief introduction for doing boolean algebra with bucanon.
  4. BucanonIntroContinued (pdf, ps, dvi) 3 pages Motivating theory algebras.
  5. BucanonManual (pdf, ps, dvi) 14 pages The final reference.
  6. WorldAlg (pdf, ps, dvi) 10 pages Intuitive explanation of the standard operations of theory algebras.
  7. PNFCanon (pdf, ps, dvi) 36 pages This paper (called Theory and implementation of efficient canonical systems for sentential calculus, based on Prime Normal Forms) introduces and discusses the core algorithms that run behind the surface.
  8. PropLogicProject.html for a broader view on propositional logic

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